Malaysian Internet Users’ Motivation Towards Online Shopping


  • Norazah Bte Mohd Suki College of Business Management, Universiti Tenaga Nasional



Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is growing at a rapid rate and is replacing traditional commerce. The benefits of shopping online cannot be underestimated. The E-Commerce offers Internet users a wider range of benefits, such as finding the products which are not available locally and reducing Internet users’ search time for products and services. These factors have an impact on emerging trends of Electronic Commerce in Malaysia. This study focuses on providing a deeper insight into the factors that may motivate Malaysian Internet users’ browsing or purchasing habits with respect to products and services. Findings of this study indicated that accessibility, reliability, convenience, distribution, socialisation, searchability, and availability were the important factors motivated Internet users to purchase products and services online. Finally, recommendation was provided for future research. Keywords: Motivation Factor, Electronic Commerce, Internet Users Attitudes & Behaviour, Online Shopping, Malaysia